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  Cantonese Courses for Students, Fall 2014
  iLANG short courses in Fall term to enhance your English
Register Now: 12 íV 21 September 2014

   - Writing Seamlessly:
   Use of Language to Bridge Ideas

   - Speaking Persuasively:
   Put Forward an Argument
   via Short Films

   - Writing Expressively
   with Richer Vocabulary

   - IELTS Speaking
   - Customizing Business Letters:
   Go Beyond Googled Samples

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  RPG Workshops for research postgraduates
  Language Courses for Students and Staff, Fall 2014
  RPG Workshops for research postgraduates
  Book Launch - Mother's Tongue (A Story of Forgiving and Forgetting)
  Public Lecture by
Professor Peter Skehan -
Task-based Performance and
Task-based Instruction:
Research Contributions
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